Wholesale Plastic stool mould

Plastic rattan stool mould

Gonson is a professional plastic mould factory in China. And we have very rich experience in the design and manufacture of plastic stool molds.

Plastic stool mold with 4 side slides.

Plastic stool widely used in daily life. Large consumption. However, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the quality and design of stools. Therefore, making some new fashion stool designs every year can maintain your competitive advantage with your competitors.

Plastic rattan stools are very popular these years. Therefore, the plastic stool factory can consider ordering some fashionable rattan plastic stool molds to win the market.

Workshop plastic stool mould

The following is the process introduction of plastic stool mold project.

Stool mold project process

Stool mold details

Cavity No. 1

Die material p20h, 45# forging back, 50# forging back

Die life 600000 shot (p20h), 300000 shot (45#, 50#)

The runner system can be equipped with cold runner or hot runner

Mold features: good quality, good cooling

Part material PP

Demoulding needle

Runner semi-automatic

Detailed specification of stool mould

Stool mould tooling process

Stool mould

Finished CNC tooling for stool mould

Die steel cutting - > rough machining of CNC machining center - > drilling - > CNC milling tool - > deep hole drilling tool - > CNC engraving tool - > die assembly - > polishing. Almost all processing processes are included in it.

Cane stools are very popular, gonson